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Events Rostock and Warnemünde

Atmospheric events are in Rostock such as sand on the sea.
Preferably, in parks and harbors, markets and promenades and of course the beach.

A log book full of experiences:

 03.02.-05.02.2017  8th Warnemünder Winter Fun
 07.04.-23.04.2017  Rostock Easter Market
 14.04.-17.04.2017  Easter with sea view, Warnemünde
 27.04.-16.10.2017  Cruise ships in Warnemünde 2016
 28.04.-01.05.2017  23rd Stromerwachen, Warnemünde
 Juni-September 2017  AOK ACTIVE BEACH, Warnemünde
 Juni-September 2017  Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
 01.06.-05.06.2017  Musik, Kunst & Mee(h)r, Warnemünde
 02.06.-05.06.2017  Rostocker Pfingstmarkt
 09.06.2017  19th Classic Night @ Rostock Zoo with the North German
  Philharmonic Rostock
 09.06.-11.06.2017  YACHT BLUEWATER
 23.06.-25.06.2017  BEACH POLO WORLD MASTERS, Warnemünde
 24.06.2017  799th anniversary of the hanseatic town of Rostock
 Sommer 2017  Theater production „Slüters Wiederkehr – Die Stadt ist
  eine Bühne“
 01.07.-09.07.2017  80th Warnemünder week
 10.08.-13.08.2017  27th Hanse Sail Rostock
 August 2017  DFB Beach Soccer Cup
 07.09.-10.09.2017  24th Stream festival to the end of the season,  
 17.09.2017  Big Zoo festival
 17.09.-22.09.2017  INTERSPORT FitGesund
 19.10.-21.10.2017  "Martins" market
 31.10.2017  500 years of reformation
 18.11.2017  Culture meets pleasure, Warnemünde
 27.11.-22.12.2017  Rostock Christmas Market