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Experience Rostock

The livecam on the roof of rostock apartment LIVING HOTEL provides round-the-clock crisp panoramic images from the hanseatic city of Rostock.

A medieval city center, a river that flows into the Baltic Sea, a peaceful fishing village, four picturesque seaside resorts, several shipyards and harbors, one of the best sailing areas in the world, Northern Europe's oldest university and Germany's largest urban forest - it is all found within the great city of Rostock.

This city combines brick giants and seaside villas, cutter and cruise ships, fine beaches and healthy maritime climate. Rostock includes cultural diversity and historical treasures, fresh fish and traditional beer, lively promenades and elegant shopping streets, a colorful restaurant scene and a blue-green hinterland. On the quay walls and on the boulevards, the summertime offers you a Mediterranean flair. On the beach you can occasionally take in a Caribbean style experience. On the other hand, at the wintry lake you can experience an Arctic atmosphere. Traditional and modern, pleasant here and pulsating there - Rostock and its lovely daughter Warnemünde surprise with many beautiful faces and even more so, a refreshing holiday experience.